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Light of Truth - Rowena

Light of Truth - Rowena

Author: Culdian Trust
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Extract: Rational Morality ...."The moral codes of all races were originally formulated by wise and perceptive people, the original objectives being the stabilisation of the family units and the coherence of their communities and cultures. Such codes also embrace ethics and conduct which were conducive to harmonious relationships within the community. This is still the objective of moral teachings. Morality and communal well-being are inseparable. There has never been a civilisation without a religion; nor has any culture survived without a moral code; so this fact, of itself, suffices to establish the essentially of such a code. However, as groupings of people become more civilised, as humankind progressed along the evolutionary path, something was added to moral concepts, something always dimly realised, always felt as a stirring within, something unique to humanity - the concept of ideal love. The protection and propagation of this idealised concept of love, its fostering and flowering, is now the prime concern of higher moral codes. At one polarity there is the glorious concept, at the other there is the concept of the supremacy of carnality, of submission to the passing pleasures of monkey love, the response to the demands of the body and the suppression of higher instincts. This is the aspect of morality that mothers all too often choose not to deal with when instructing their daughters on feminine mysteries, with the result that it is absent from the equations considered at the age of consent. Some day the daughters may ask why and on what considerations the choice was made. They will ask this because they have been negatively programmed to denigrate love, and placed carnal monkey love above higher considerations is invariably a recipe for future unhappiness." The Shilly Shalliers ....."There are those who sit on the fence, who are lukewarm about everthing; who are patrons of averageness and judgemental about nothing. They condone, by an attidue of non-condemnation, thinghs they know to be wrong and are anti-nothing and activist against nothing. They constitute the great apathetic mass of the people who sit pitiable mediocrity at the point of balance on the scales. They are the acceptors of the unacceptable and are generally convinced that their middle path of non-involvement, non-commitment and non-condemnation is the best one. It may be for them, because it panders to their mediocre minds, but for your society it spells disaster. To rise above this state requires the cultivation of convictions, the establishment of personal standards and codes which are made clear to the world. It means calling a spade a spade and affirming that according to your standards this is right and that is wrong. Stick hard and fast to your principles and convictions and do not be reluctant to make them known and to defend them. Only thus can you become a positive person. It is the shilly-shalliers who have contributed most to the present deplorable state of your society. Of course, between black and white is an area of grey and with the great majority of people there is an overwhelming mass of greyness and very little black and white, whereas it should be the opposite."

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