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Light of Truth - Book of Gwineva II

Light of Truth - Book of Gwineva II

Author: Culdian Trust
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Extracts: The Conflict of Contrasts ..."Positivity and negativity accompany the daily round of life. Success, prosperity and good fortune govern the lives of positive people; failure, financial difficulties and misfortune are the lot of the negative ones. In the little things, however, it is often difficult to define what is positive and what is negative. For example, a man knows that the lawn needs mowing or various jobs need attention, but it is a nice day and he would rather go fishing or play golf. Yet he suppresses the inclination to enjoy himself and decides to deal with what has to be done. He feels that he is being positive, and so he is, up to a point. For when the jobs are done, instead of a feeling of satisfaction he experiences irritability and peevishness because he has had to do what he felt was a burdensome duty. Consequently, he is short-tempered with his wife and children, so any merit he may have gained is cancelled out. A mother goes shopping with a child. The infant is tired and cross, shopping is difficult and the bags are heavy. The crowd is inconsiderate, everyone being intent on his or her own affairs; so little attention is paid to the problems of the mother. She arrives home and it is at this point that she earns merits or demerits. If she puts the shopping experience behind her and shows a cheerful and philosophical attitude, she will gain merits and enhance her positivity. If she displays irritability and bad temper, then negativity has prevailed and the negative side of her nature has been reinforced." The Mystery of Life "...It is manifest that, subject to a cosmic catastrophe, life is eternal. This, because it is self-renewable throughout the realm of Nature. The question is, however, whether life as expressed in the human individual is eternal. Is this also self-perpetuating through renewal? Your churches and modern science have no answers which are unchallengeable and with all its scientific knowledge humankind knows no more about life than it did thousands of years ago. Scientists endlessly search for a mysterious life principle which is everlasting, but never find what they seek because they have little idea of what they are looking for. They can explain the mechanical and chemical processes of the body, but are quite unable to explain the enlivening element which causes the inert ingredients to express life. Some say that life consists in the sum of the characteristic actions of organised beings, performed in virtue of a specific susceptibility acted upon by specific stimuli. All they do, however, is to describe the processes and expressions of life, they are unable to define it. The mysterious life-force still eludes them, though the discovery of the power of the atom has given them quite a shock because of its magnitude. Nor have they come to recognise the intelligence of the atom. Atomic intelligence rules the vegetable kingdom. For instance, if trees and plants are watered in dry weather their roots will turn up towards the surface of the ground in search of water. If not watered, however, they will go deeper down in search of moisture. This conduct indicates that atoms know what is required of them and however primitive, display a degree of intelligence. Science, as it is now, is almost completely ignorant of biology, a fact that often escapes the notice of biologists. Chemical affinity, when under the control of the vitalising life-force, works constructively, but as soon as the life-force departs the same chemical affinity destroys what it previously aided in building up. The vitalising life-force, being the highest order of energy known employs in its service all agencies beneath it, but it neither falls to the level of its servants nor raises them up to its own level. Whichever way you look at it life is much more than physics and chemistry. The confusion and divisions among scientists show how foolish it is to look to science for the answers concerning the nature of life. Creative processes work in circles. In ancient teachings the creative centre was symbolised by a dot within a circle. The products of circles are circles. The human body (the microcosm), like the universe (the macrocosm), is governed by circles. The body cells are circles composed of circular atoms comprising electrons which are also circles moving in circles. Life is established through organising forcefields which determine the structure and function of living organisms. Organisation is the key word in creation and the key to attunement and resonance. These organising fields are precise and well defined. They expand during embryonic development, attain full size at maturity and at death the enlivening force contracts to the point within the circle from which it came. In human individuals it remains as the enlivening force within the spirit body, before passing on from there...."

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