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Gospel of the Kailedy

Gospel of the Kailedy

Author: Hope Trust
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The Gospel of the Kailedy is about the life and teachings of Christ .... Extract: Chapter One Strength and courage be yours and greetings to my brothers in Doiva, the Kolferils at Karimba. Know that I have been cast out with my brothers, but of the places where in they shelter I have no knowledge. It is a time of heart searching sorrow, for as the inspirational lights are snuffed out a dark night of ignorance descends. They who oppose us are strong, not only in weapoinry but more so in guile, and they have the support of the dark strangers. Hundreds of wonderful books, the lifework of diligent hands, have been used to heat the fleshpots and there is a constant searching of all which does not accord with foreign beliefs. Since there are many versions, though not all in conflict concerning matters we hold to be true, I have taken it upon myselt to prepare this one for you from the writings saved in flight. Pitifully few are the books salvaged from the great conflagration and brought out under our gowns: inadequate undergarments for cold bodies, but not comfortless companions. Perhaps what I write here in my cold solitude will, in days to come, dance on the tongues of the multitude, gladdening the hearts of those who rest in greater comfort. Be on your guard, my brothers, talk well out of the mouth and ear of the wind, for uncomfortable abodes await those who place the tongue in command. In order that the truth may be properly displayed, I have united in one narrative the diverse accounts brought to these shores by the Kailedy, in the days of battleglory, when the mantle of Herthew descended upon Inhawk Caradew. Let by the wise Elyid, the Noble Commander, they were compatible companions of the brave Britons. I have faithfully copied the accounts of that John whom we call Numa, who knew our earthly father, touching on events of his times according to the books which have been written and left to us. Here is the book of John the Enlightened of God and the Book of the Nasorines and the Illuminated Ones, but the Book of Indractus and the Book of Sayings by the Wise Elyid are with our brother Lewid and his band in Branset. These bring all who follow and fight for the cause of Truth a message, simple but sublime, meaning one thing only - man can break free from the fetters of time, to spread wings of the spirit and fly to eternity, borne upward by an inspirational strengthening outflowing from God."..... ".....He said "Follow My teachings, and the power of the Holy Spirit will come to you enabling you to do many great things causing wonder among others. Yet all these are the rightful possessions of men, if they will but establish their worthiness. Think not that God will descend from Heaven to do the work of men; the world is yours, but life is with God, in the end there is the accounting. Man must be responsible for his own destiny, so seek no divine intervention while men remain apathetic. God comes to the aid only of those who strive, who surmount the difficulties and obstacles of life." Having said these things Jesus revealed Himself to them in His form of glory, so they might know Truth had been established in Him. Then they were all bedazzled and astonished at what man could become and the extent of his powers awaiting development. Then they knew Jesus was all He claimed to be and hailed Him as Christ the Anointed by God, for in Him the Spirit of Christ was manifested as in no other. After this, Jesus left."

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