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Book of Gwineva - I

Book of Gwineva - I

Author: Culdian Trust
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Extract: The Road Ahead The task facing you is not an easy one. You must awaken in each individual a realisation of his potential divinity, spur him on to an awareness of the godhood awaiting him at the end of the road. This is no simple undertaking when European man has for centuries, been indoctrinated to believe in his inherent unworthiness and state of sin. Men must be made to understand not only their underlying unity with each other, but also their unity with the Godhead, the Supreme Spirit. Present worldly conditions are such that it would be foolish to fix your gaze too far ahead, when so many pitfalls lie in your immediate path. You should first concentrate on extradicting yourselves from these. It is unwise to proclaim the great spiritual heights to be climbed, when your present day society is bogged down in a moral mire and wanders, lost in a wilderness or worldliness. Get down to tackling the immediate problems in rescuing modern society from the deplorable, spiritualy devitalised state into which it has fallen. There is little point in proclaiming sublime spiritual truths and values when other things, albeit of lesser importance but nertheless much closer to you, remain unresolved. The task is twofold, firstly to attack and destroy, secondly to create and reconstruct. It is foolish to advance leaving unsubdued enemy forces behind you. Attack and destroy all that is spiritually and morally devitalising in your present society. It has to be made clear to all men of goodwill that there is indeed a pollution problem, but the pollution is within the body of civilisation itself, as well as in the environment and is no less potentially dangerous. You cannot and must not compromise with the degenerating apathy and perversions of the permissive sub-culture, the cultural cancer feasting on the body of modern society, sapping its vitalising forces and contaminating its life-stream. This is no time to stand aside, the battle must be joined. There can be no neutrals, for what is not actively condemned is condoned. The struggle is for the very survival of a spiritualised civilisation, perhaps for the very Souls of men! The great destiny of mankind is not decided by materialistic methods and only an unbalanced being can be developed within a wholly materialistic society. Man can never feel completely at ease nor can his nature be fulfilled, in an environment fashioned to cater solely for his physical needs; for there is so much more to him than the physical being, so much that is always struggling for expression and experience. Many young people are now searching and reaching for they know not what. Your task is to lead them on an expedition to discover their true selves. You may say, can a handful of people however dedicated, effect any change in current trends? Whether the answer be 'yes' or 'no', is of no consequence to those who believe in the indomitability of the spirit which rises courageously to meet the challenge of seemingly unconquerable adversaries. All about you can be seen a crumbling social structure. Some worn out, archaic components are long overdue for replacement, but much that is still sound and essential to its stability, is also being discarded. As most of those living within its shelter are insensitive to what is happening about them, it is very important to strive to become a potent influence in the sociological sphere. This covers a very wide field, but let us just consider one aspect here, an aspect relating to the moral decline fostered by the permissive society. Something entirely overlooked by the irresponsible and unthinking members of the inert masses comprising the majority, is that the future of mankind largely depends on the quality of the Soulspirits incarnating into the physical vehicles made available to them, by those whose associations have developed to the sexual level. It has been ascertained that this quality is greatly influenced by the nature of the relationship and emotional ties existing between the sexual partners. Where the union is entered into with due responsibility and adequate loving and acceptance for its consequences, a pathway or channel is opened into the higher levels of the preconceptional plane, so that more highly evolved types of beings are brought into incarnation. These naturally influence social and world trends for the better. It has been determined that this bridge, or link with the higher levels of preconceptional influence, must be maintained for a period after impregnation. Whether there is now sufficient time left to encourage an essential change of attitude towards such things and await its inevitable beneficial consequences, has become an urgent issue. The present social climate is such that too many factors oppose this desirable trend. These factors are to be attacked and eliminated. Through ignorance or irresponsibility, your society readily overlooks the fact that too few children are being born of men and women who mate in truly loving embrace, using the sexual act solely to express their depth of feeling for each other and for no other reason. This is a deficiency from which the human race is suffering at the moment and, whilst the permissive society fosters it, you must fight to rectify this situation. So, fervently, voice your protests against social evils, both manifest and subversive, popular complacency and the commercial exploitation of society's weakness and debility caused through spiritual malnutrition. This is made manifest in irresponsibility, self-interest, insincerity, dishonesty and society's craving for stimulation by sensationalism, sexuality and excitement. This spiritual malnutrition is further indicated by an unhealthy preoccupation with ease, comfort, pleasure and personal welfare, often obtained at the expense of others. Let your prime concern be causes, not effects and these lie within the more privileged sectors of the community and in society as a whole. By attacking causes you will also come into conflict with vested interests of the stronger, more self-orientated and commercially aggressive section of the community, strongly entrenched within the inert, complacent mass of the majority. Those who take the path of less resistance, contenting themselves merely with treating effects, will never bring about a cure. New forms of government, new political parties or new religions are not advocated. Those existing satisfy the indifferent majority and do not present mankind and civilisation with the fundamental problems. What has to be discarded is the unbalanced, inadequate existing type of human being, replacing it with one cast in an entirely different mould. A new being dominated by spiritual and ethical ideals not materialistic and selfish objectives, retaining all the good and ridding itself of all the bad. What is needed is an ideology! You may be asked "In what way do you differ from others who advocate such things?" And this is a fair question. The answer is that the difference lies in your reaction to social conditions and prescription for treatment. You attack causes rather than seek to alleviate effects. You will not accept them passively as something too difficult to change, waiting with resignation for someone else or Divine intervention, to work out mankind's salvation. You should, in fact, act as though God Himself did not exist and man, only, had the responsibility of creating that which he believes God to be. If anyone feels inclined to answer: "This is man's blasphemy", or "This just cannot be done, for somethings are beyond man's understanding, never mind achievement", they can be ignored. The Supreme Spirit reads the hearts of men and if their motives be pure, then He is well served! Mankind has always borne such people as a burden on its upward pilgrimage and its present state of spiritual exhaustion is largely due to this . So disregard them, leave them to wallow in apathetic inactivity. God surely meant man to seek Him, to reach out beyond himself, to strive and struggle for enlightenment. Nothing of value can ever be obtained easily or cheaply. What is the verdict of history, the lesson of life? Man must venture, dare and hope to succeed and success will attend him. So apathy must be replaced with audacity, blind faith with questing faith, doubt by exploratory deeds and if man can believe in nothing else, he must learn to believe in himself. If he cannot aspire to something infinitely greater beyond himself, he must aspire to infinite greatness within himself.

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